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Negotiation skills training for your organisation

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We have "walked the walk".

Each of our Negotiation Training Consultants boasts 15+ years negotiating at the highest level in commercial leadership roles, delivering with the gravitas and insight that comes only with this experience.

If you demand the best for your teams and if you enjoy doing things a little differently, then we think you will enjoy a conversation with us!

Negotiation Training


​Negotiation is a life skill.


Developing the negotiation skills and confidence to negotiate effectively can be transformative for individual careers and of huge financial impact to employers.

We have provided training in Negotiation to clients from Sales, Procurement, HR, Finance, all of whom now benefit from having the right tools to tackle the most challenging conversations that occur in business. 




​​Whether you are interested in One Day Negotiation, Advanced Negotiation Skills or require a bespoke Negotiation E-Learning program for your LMS, our team of Negotiation Training Experts will be able to help create the perfect Negotiation Training Solution for your organisation.

Contact us now to learn more about our Negotiation Courses, Virtual Negotiation Training and Negotiation E-Learning.