Your suppliers will have been trained extensively in sales and negotiation.
We can help you level the playing field.

We help Buyers and Contract Managers become 

Effective Commercial Negotiators

Experts in Supplier Psychology

The most compelling need for Negotiation Training sits with those who Buy or Sell professionally. It is certainly the case that investing in the Buyer or Seller as a Negotiator offers an easily-measured return on investment.

Unfortunately, whilst suppliers are usually well trained in sales or negotiation, the corresponding investment in procurement teams is often lacking by comparison.

We can help you level the playing field.

As former Sales Managers and Sales Directors, our Negotiation Experts offer lived experience and decades of insider knowledge gained negotiating on behalf of suppliers in multiple industries.

Our programs will challenge your assumptions, illuminate what makes your suppliers tick, and give your teams the tools to engage suppliers as more effective commercial negotiators.

Negotiation Training for Buyers and Contract Managers

Whether your team are seeking to extract more value from a procurement process, or whether you manage supplier relationships after the deal has been done, we will have a solution to help you negotiate more effectively.

Our One Day Negotiation and Advanced Skills courses can all be tailored to the exact needs of your teams, either using our suite of Virtual Negotiation Espressos or by development of bespoke content.

Have members of your team navigating particularly emotive or commercially critical conversations? We also offer 121 Coaching and Psychometric Assessment to help them perform at their best when it matters most.  


Our Negotiation Experts all have lived experience of Commercial Negotiation, both as buyers, sellers and in senior leadership roles within complex organisations.


We not only understand the theory and psychology of why teams and individuals may not negotiate effectively, but have also "walked the walk" of challenging commercial conversations and the pressures that accompany these interactions.

If you demand the best for your teams, and if you enjoy doing things a little differently, then we think you will enjoy a conversation with us.

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